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Fay Adams

Meditation Teacher

Fay Adams trained to teach mindfulness under the guidance of well-known teacher Rob Nairn, whilst living on the Holy Isle retreat island off the west coast of Scotland. She now teaches courses in mindfulness, compassion and insight around the UK and in Europe with the Mindfulness Association and she is a tutor on the University of Aberdeen’s Studies in Mindfulness MSc. Fay is a dedicated practitioner of over a decade and has been influenced strongly by Tibetan Buddhism. Her practice is also influenced by interests in dance, a love of nature, creativity and dreams.

Fay was originally drawn to mindfulness in her twenties because of her chronic pain. Throughout her 6 years of living on Holy Isle in a small meditation hut, she immersed herself in discovering what the pain was all about. In the process she began to find a new way to inhabit the mind and body. Ultimately, as well as (mostly) freeing her from the pain, this has become a deeply rich basis for living life fully.

Fay Adams
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